The Greatest Golfers of All Time


The world has seen hundreds of the best golfers conquer the game. However, there are only a few to really cement their legacy through brilliance and success in professional competition across the globe.

Here is our very own list of the greatest golfers to ever play the game.

Arnold Palmer

Under his professional resume, Palmer took home seven major championships out of 62 wins. Palmer is nicknamed “The King” for a reason, actually a bunch of reasons. He is fifth on the list of top players in the PGA (Professional Golfers’ Association) with the most wins.

In 1960 he was given the prestigious title of “Sportsman of the Year” by Sports Illustrated. He even made it to the cover of the magazine. In 2004, it was a bittersweet moment for him and millions of his fans as he bid farewell to the game.

In the same year, he celebrated his 50th Masters and gave the golfing world one of its greatest memories.

He died back in 2016 and the entire world of sports mourned his departure.

Tiger Woods

Some see him as one of the most controversial golfers ever but really, he is one of the greatest to ever live. Woods is still active with 82 PGA wins putting him on the number 1 spot. He shares the spot with legendary golfer Sam Snead.

That total includes 15 Major Championships since 1997. In 2010, Woods’ fallout occurred due to infidelity that caused him his legacy, thousands of fans, and his marriage. But, Woods made a comeback in 2018 and golf welcomed him with open arms.

Many speculators believe that if Woods continued to play and didn’t succumb to any issue, he would’ve been the top golfer of all time.But his career is far from over and there is still a lot of balls to hit.

The entire world is now watching how his career would unfold and if it will result in a great legacy worth remembering.

Jack Nicklaus

You can’t talk about the greatest golfers or even just golf for that matter without mentioning the Jack Nicklaus. When it comes to total wins, Nicklaus was behind Woods and Sam Snead.

But Nicklaus made his mark in the majors many times and he would always finish each tournament with flying colours.

He has a total of 18 Major wins, 19runners-upand he conquered each major at least three times. From 1971 to 1977, Nicklaus was in his prime winning six majors. If you ask your best players about their own list of best players, then you are sure to hear his name.

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