Top Activities to do After Golfing


Golfing is one of the most relaxing things to do. If you are stressed at work, why not ask some of your friends to go golfing this Saturday. Got a lot of reports to turn in? Why not step-back for a couple of hours and go golfing with your family before the school week starts.

Golfing itself is already relaxing, but if you really want to feel relaxed, then here are some additional activities we suggest.

Online Gaming

Top Activities to do After Golfing Online Gaming - Top Activities to do After Golfing

It might not be what you are expecting but there is something relaxing and at the same time exciting about playing online casino games. Most people visit online casino websites to win money. There are online casino games just for fun.

But it is more exciting if there is something to wager or bet. Have you played any casino or card game before? Let’s say Poker. Are you familiar with that exciting feeling when the cards are about to be revealed and you know that you have the winning hand? This is exactly just that but more.

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Learn more about Golf Clubs

Top Activities to do After Golfing Learn more about Golf Clubs - Top Activities to do After Golfing

There are dozens of golf clubs to buy out there. However, you’ll need some serious money to buy all the golf clubs you want. But, as a golfer, it is always engaging and exciting to read information about the various classifications of different sets of golf clubs.

Let’s say you read more about the set of golf clubs you are using. After that, try reading more about the golf clubs professional players use at the top golfing tournaments.

Golf’s Most Prestigious Tournaments


Every year, hundreds of golfing tournaments and competitions are held all over the globe. We are talking about tournaments of all levels and in different institutions. There are competitions for little kids aspiring to be great golfers. There is an all-teen tournament for young people wanting to be great.

There are also university tournaments in many of the best education institutions across the world. Then, we have the top rank tournaments that gather the best of the best from all over and compete against each other.

These tournaments serve as the stages for all legendary golfers including Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Sam Snead, and more. For all aspiring golfers out there, here are the most prestigious golfing tournaments that builds legacies.

The PGA Championship

Golfs Most Prestigious Tournaments The PGA Championship - Golf’s Most Prestigious Tournaments

The PGA or Professional Golfers’ Association is the highest level on the echelon of golf associations. It determines the best of the best golfers according to statistics and is considered one of the greatest institutions of golf worldwide.

The PGA Championship is held on the third week before Labour weekend. It has been this way since 1916. Only the best players with the highest placed money standings compete.

That means if you qualified, then you are going up against the best. Well, the same goes for them. The PGA Championship moulds not only winners but champions.

The US Open

Golfs Most Prestigious Tournaments The US Open - Golf’s Most Prestigious Tournaments

The US Open is one of the oldest golf tournaments in the world. It has been active since 1895. Every year, the top golfers tour across the United States competing in the best golf courses there are. The US Open is not only for the United States but for all countries as well.

It is one of the most diverse sporting competitions in the world. The US Open is more than just an organization but is actually a collective of some of the best sporting institutions and entities in the world. The best golfers, the best sporting brands, the best sport facilities, and so much more.

The US Open is there for the major milestones in golf history including Horace Rawlins winning the inaugural championship, Jack Nicklaus achieving record-tying fourth US open title, all the way to the era of Tiger woods.

The Masters Tournament

Golfs Most Prestigious Tournaments The Masters Tournament - Golf’s Most Prestigious Tournaments

Surely the top golf tournament there is in the world. Every year in April, top players are invited to compete for the championship at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. It is called the masters for many reasons, but the primary one is that only future legends get to play in this stage.

The Masters Tournament offers quite the cash prize money that will change one’s life for the better. The most recent prize money total is at $11.5 million (USD). That value only goes up every single year.

Winning here automatically puts you on the global map of the golf community. Thousands of golfers out there, no matter what age, dream of someday competing in these tournaments.

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Top Tier Golf Academies in the Netherlands


Did you know that even the greatest golfers took golf lessons? That’s right, Jack Nicklaus did. “Don’t be too proud to take lessons, I’m not,” he once said.

Golf in the Netherlands is always exciting with more and more people wanting to learn. Even little kids are getting in on the action. Golf is a sport that is suitable for all ages. That is why people who are really eager to learn are enrolling at golf academies.

That’s right, there are training institutions here in the country that teaches you everything about golf.

So, if you are interested, here are your top choices if you want professional golf training services.

Sombroek Golf

Top Tier Golf Academies in the Netherlands golf ball - Top Tier Golf Academies in the Netherlands

The founder of this academy is a PGA tier golfer Michael Sombroek. In the late 1990s, Sombroek passed the tests to become a fully qualified member of the Professional Golfers’ Association.

He also took golf lessons under the tutelage of PGA competitors including David Leadbetter, Dave Pelz, and Heinz Peter Thuel. Today, he teaches other people everything he knows about golf. Sombroek Golf provides next level golf training from the basics all the way toadvanced skills.

Sombroek Golf has an online academy wherein people can use computers and smartphones to learn golf. Sombroek wanted to take his passion overseas so he decided to embrace automation. The academy is based in The Hague, Netherlands.

Kasteel Engelenburg

When it comes to golf courses, no one can compete with Kasteel Engelenburg. They offer a wide variety of training programs and packages that suits people’s skill levels, preferences, and budgets. This golf academy became a household name for the residents of Brummen.

Kasteel Engelenburg has one of the best practice facilities in the country including a driving range and putting green. If you want to learn all the basic rules and guidelines of golf, taketheir 2-day course.

This course includes a practice program, summary of golf rules, introduction to golf equipment, practice exams, and a course lesson. But if you are willing to go the extra mile, then you can take all the lessons they have to offer. Hundreds of kids were enrolled to these courses and many of them are still pursuing golf.

KasteelEngelenburg is more than just an institution, it is also one of the top hotel facilities in the country. So, after a day of golf lessons, you can just kick back and watch the sun go down across the course.

There are more golf academies in the Netherlands, but we highly suggest these two. Sombroek offers online classes for people all over the country to learn. KasteelEngelenburg offers quick and informative lessons. You can learn everything in one or two days and start practicing on your own.

There are a bunch of online golfing lessons for free. It is helpful to learn golf from a pro face to face, but if you are truly driven, then you can learn it wherever you are. For that, you’ll of course need golfing equipment.