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D’Alsace Golf is here to teach you everything about golf. The first question of all? Do you love or like playing golf? Dujim loved it, he loved it very much.

Bauke Dujim

Bauke Dujimis the founder of the D’Alsace Golf blog. He created the blog to share his knowledge and techniques when it comes to golfing. Dujim wanted to go pro but was not able to due to prior commitments to his professional career as a financial expert.

Time passed and he just wasn’t able to catch-up with everything. But, Dujim never let go of the clubs no matter what. He would always play golf if he had the chance. He would bring his nephews and nieces to the club and teach them a couple of things.

Dujim had a knack in golfing but he was a lot better when it came to teaching golf. So, that’s how he decided to start a blog all about it.

D’Alsace Golf Clinic in 2012

Dujim didn’t make any money with his blog until 2012 when a local sports retail store contacted him for a promotion campaign. With the money he earned from the project, he hosted a Golf Clinic for little kids at the nearby clubhouse.

Dujim expected at least 20 kids to show up but he ended up working with more than 70 children. It was a big milestone for him because that is when the blog took off. The clinic was featured in the local newspaper as well as local television. Dujim was asked to do a feature interview for the local network.

He then introduced the blog and encouraged more people to take up golfing. It truly wasa hole in one. By August 2012, the blog had more than 5,000 readers with a daily average of 700 readers.

D’Alsace Golf in 2020

Today, D’AlsaceGolf is one of the biggest golf blogs in the Netherlands, if not the biggest. The blog even made an international splash in nearby countries like Germany and Belgium.

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